Funds Transfer

Sending money to distant and remote areas has never been so easy. With myABL Funds Transfer facility you can transfer money anytime anywhere to your bank account or somebody else’s bank account.

Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT)

Banking at your fingertips. myABL Personal Internet Banking offers you convenience to manage and control your banking and finances - when you want to, where you want to! So, just get clicking.
We have more than 30 banks available for Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT)

Bill Payments

Paying bills is now more convenient than ever before. You can pay your bills through myABL in a secure and hassle free-way. Now there will be no more queuing at the Bank and no tight deadlines to meet. Following biller categories are available.

For complete list of billers, please login into myABL and visit Manage Billers option. More Billers category will come on board with us very soon.

Mobile Phone Bill Payments and Top ups (Balance Recharge)

Topping up or paying mobile phone bills is now more convenient than ever before. Through a secure and hassle-free way, you can now pay your bills or recharge your mobile accounts with myABL.
Telecom Companies include Mobilink, Zong, Telenor, Warid and Ufone.

Voice Assisted Banking with myABL

With this service,  myABL Digital Banking customers (iPhone users) can check their accounts balance, make instant payments to any bank account (Registered Payee) and enquire credit card outstanding balance through simple voice requests without even logging into myABL digital banking app. This voice assisted services are biometric (Face ID and Touch ID) authenticated by  myABL and also OTP is authenticated for payment transaction.

Cheque Book Request

Ordering a new cheque book is now easier than ever. With myABL Personal Internet Banking you can place a new cheque book request for your account without visiting the branch.

Cheque Status Inquiry

With myABL Personal Internet Banking you can also check the status of your Clearing cheque for your account without visiting the branch.

Account Statements

Now you can view and/or download your Account Statement anytime; Once downloaded you can print as many times as required and that too Free of Charge.

You can also subscription on E-Statement service from myABL by selecting your desire account and verifying the email address.

Credit Card Statement and Payments

As an Allied VISA credit card holder, you can now view your Credit Card statement anytime. In addition, you can also pay your bill in full or in partial 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.


You can now donate directly via myABL Personal Internet Banking

Franchise Payments

This feature allows you to effectively manage your business franchise payments.


You can now literally make payments to anyone anywhere in the country. This feature enables you to send money to anyone’s CNIC in Pakistan. The beneficiary does not need an account in any bank. You can pay beneficiary through cash over Allied Bank branch counter.

Mastercard QR Scan

Mastercard QR is a new payment solution that allows consumers to pay for goods and services using mobile phones at merchant outlets. Mastercard QR is secure, smart and easy, providing a cost- effective alternative to cash payments.

myABL Tickets

myABL Tickets is online ticketing service powered by Easytickets which provides myABL users with a facility to purchase movie, buses and events tickets using myABL web or mobile apps.

360° view of all ABL accounts

Customers can see all their accounts within ABL, making it easier for them to manage their money. It provides an ease to see all the accounts on one screen, offering concatenate view of financial life to the customers.

Manage Payee/ Biller

Adding new people or companies to your payee and biller lists means you can pay them quickly and easily, whenever you need. Following simple steps on-screen and you can add or delete payee and biller as desired.

Mark Favorite Transaction/Biller

With the help of favorites, customer can carry his/her transactions quickly. Tag any transaction as favorite on the transaction successful screen, so the next time he/she can execute the same transaction with fewer clicks.

Daily transaction limit view and adjustment

While using myABL, total daily payment limits for all financial transactions are defined. You can view and manage your daily payment limits if required.. Depending upon the transaction type, daily/monthly limits are applicable.

One Time Pin (OTP)

A 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is used to make transactions even more secure. myABL uses OTP option to apply 2FA to all types of financial transactions to give secure and safe customer experience. Customers can either get it on preferred email or mobile number as SMS, each time he/she makes any financial transaction.

Default Account Marking and Account Linking and Delinking

If you have multiple accounts tagged in myABL username or user ID, you can mark one of them as the default account for all types of payments and fund transfers.

ATM/Debit Card Services

This option is a great help and convenience to the customers in managing their ATM/debit cards. Following features are extended to myABL Internet banking users in this regard:

Manage Personal Information

Customer Profile Update feature lets you perform certain value-added services that were previously required to be done by visiting any Allied Bank branch. Now, you can perform these activities using myABL Digital banking app. These services include:

Change Preferred Mailing Address

If you have multiple addresses mentioned in bank records, you can easily specify your preferred mailing address through  myABL. You can choose any of your account and mark any of your defined address as your preferred address.

myABL PFM – Spend Analysis

 myABL PFM is a powerful Spend Analysis tool that helps you to better plan and manage you expenses by having insight on the pattern of expenditures. You can make smarter financial decisions by tracking your expenses over time against your specified budget.  myABL PFM provides your 12 default categories which you can use to tag your transactions appearing in your bank statement. You can also create your own categories and sub categories if any area of expense is not listed among default categories.

Pay Day Finance

With the addition of this feature,  myABL users have freedom to get instant loans through  myABL digital application without any documentation. The purpose of PayDay Loan functionality is to accommodate customer to get loan instantly without visiting branches & with paperless environment.

Login History

You can view your login history anytime, for any purpose, to have an overview of how many times you logged into myABL. It offers to check by what date and time a user got logged in into his/her myABL account.

Transaction History

You can view your transactions history to keep a record of all the bills and funds transfers made.

Payment without Addition of Payee/Biller (Transfer Money and Pay Bills without Payee/Biller Addition)

This option enables the customer to initiate money transfers or bill payment from his/her bank account to within ABL or any other bank accounts without need to register them as payee and biller into the systemmyABL provides one solution to the customer through Adhoc Payment to cater their requirement for different types of payments.

Online Shopping Payments

Paying with your bank for online shopping couldn't be simpler. Just shop online with a selected list of companies and merchants and make payments hassle-free and in a secure manner.

Alternate login through Biometric on mobile devices

myABL Internet Banking app for iOS and Android offers biometric login that is a fingerprint and face recognition feature to access myABL Internet Banking app without having to enter your Username and password at login time. Biometric login through face recognition is currently available for iPhone mobiles with Face ID feature.

Discount Offers

Discount offers service provides instant updates to ABL customers with enhanced view to effectively display various discount offers available on various merchants. The new version of discount offers service will provide:

Locate Us

Allows you to discover ABL branch and ATM network with amenities details.

Allied Live Chat

Customers can start a conversation anytime when surfing myABL as Live Chat is always available to help. They can use it to get in touch with our support team regarding any issues they face during Registration or resetting password using Forgot Password option.